#27 - Tye Stockton on Moving Companies and Navigating the Pandemic‬

May 1, 2021

We caught up with one of our real estate mentors, Tye Stockton, who is a longstanding top producer runner in the Vail, CO real estate market. Tye was pivotal in our success of navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. His advice was simple - stay ready for the full out sprint that was coming when the market flipped back our way. We followed Tye’s advice, and have experienced great success as a result.

Despite the pandemic, Tye’s team is selling more real estate than ever. They recently executed the two biggest deals in the history of the Vail, CO real estate market, just one week apart. Most notably executing a $57 million sale of a residential full duplex in the Summer. Tye was clear that his team’s recent success came from total preparedness during the down time the market experienced in the initial onset of the pandemic.

Tye is quite literally known on a global scale for his real estate success, having closed over 1 Billion in his career thus far. So, his brokerage house change was very high profile. Tye assured us that still he has plenty of love for the Sotherby brand, but he felt Compass was better suited for setting his team up for their desired future trajectory.

Just what does the future hold for Tye and his team? Selling more luxury real estate, and serving his clients at better levels. Tye is not shy about his ambitious career goal he aims to meet before retiring. That goal? Closing over 1 Billion in real estate in just 12 months.