#25 - Ricky Carruth - Best Advice for Real Estate Agents

May 1, 2021

Delroy sat down with one of the most socially active real estate brokers in business, Ricky Carruth. Ricky is an absolute powerhouse in his home market of Orange Beach, AL. This small vacation destination in the Gulf Shores area sees over 7 million visitors each year. Ricky helps over 100 customers every year buy and sell properties in this prime vacation real estate market. 

Ricky shared his come up story with us as he approaches his twenty year anniversary of entering the real estate business, a venture he started when he was just twenty years old. Before Ricky was the social media juggarnet that he is today, he was just another new broker. He spent the majority of his first year in real estate working both for his dad’s roofing business, and growing his book of business in the evening. Eventually, Ricky would go on execute his first few transactions and focus solely on real estate.

Ricky’s trajectory was anything but straightly vertical. He had many ups and downs along the way, including going back to work for his dad when the market went under in 2007. This was a wakeup call for Ricky as he realized that to be not only competitive in real estate, but to also crush it, called for a unique approach. That approach was personal branding and building a large social media following.

Today, Ricky has over 230K followers on his Instagram account, where he posts regular content. True to his word, Ricky responds to every DM he receives, as he clearly stats in his IG bio. Ricky told us that to be successful in real estate requires a large amount of data collection. He leverages social media to gather and access this data.

Ricky’s expert advice to new brokers? Stay patient, and always be learning. The things you learn in your first year will later equate to millions of dollars earned. You can’t get there overnight, so prioritize real estate with the full time attention it deserves, work hard, and seek guidance from successful brokers.