#24 - Vlad Popach on Out of the Box Thinking

May 1, 2021

Vlad joined our show from Seattle, WA where he represents both buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate marketplace on the east side of the city. Vlad was on the forefront of both social media marketing and the rise of real estate in the Seattle marketplace, entering the business in 2014. Two trends that he has capitalized on for tens of millions of dollars in real estate, with 2021 looking to be a record breaking year for him and his team at Realogics Sotheby's International Realty. 

Vlad’s success is a perfect example of what can happen when you stay absolutely committed to building your personal brand by providing quality content and bar none customer service to your clients. While his social media following is not expansive, his individual followers are who you want to target in the luxury real estate industry. He regularly closes new business from Instagram DMs, and he has been referred to huge clients by his competition as he has succeeded in branding himself as the go-to broker for luxury real estate in Eastern Seattle.

Vlad detailed the market study process for Seattle, a market that shares some parallels with our home market of Denver. In exploding real estate markets, there are micro markets and microeconomies that exist within different parts of each neighborhood, down to the street level. This micro level of real estate plays to the strengths of brokers who dedicate themselves to a specific area, rather than generalists who try to take on the whole market. 

Our conversation with Vlad closed by touching on the shift in real estate back to the suburbs as high caliber corporate employees now have the freedom to work remotely. This is a trend that is occurring across the country in both small and large cities. Riding this trend is a great opportunity to grow your business, especially when you pair it with a top notch personal branding strategy.